the mission.


We, as women, have one mission: work together to stand as one.  We're focused on diversity, intersectionality and community through hearing the voices of all women.  We lead with compassion & empathy for those who have ever been marginalized or underrepresented.  We see ourselves in all women.  Through the many voices heard at Confidence Con, we learn how to truly love others in our community - starting with loving ourselves.  Our unity and oneness have the power to change the confidence of future generations of women, from the inside out. 

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transform + revive.

This event is dedicated to the woman who is ready to manifest beyond her previous limitations

A weekend dedicated to uplifting, connecting and inspiring women to be their most confident selves.  And no, the conference isn't exactly like attending TedTalk, leadership conference or anything else you may try to compare it to.  

It's more like a dance party with flash mobs meets brain swirl session with incredible, brave women who follow their passions with ZERO apologies.  It will shake you to your core, move you and maybe even upset you - because you will CHANGE through hearing the voices of women who overcame obstacles and continue to shiiiiine bright! 


we're coming to Tulsa on June 23rd, 2018



and we're headed back to
our hometown...



2017 attendee

I literally feel like an entirely new being.
Any fears, doubts, and insecurities I had
have been put to rest.

- Bailee O'Brien



get involved.

Ready to team up with us to empower women, have some fun and shake things up?  Let's do it.  


be a partner

We wouldn't be able to execute our mission with out the support of an incredible list of sponsors and partners.  We show our gratitude through unique benefits!  Join us as we impact the lives of the women who use their voices for good, are passionate about community and ready to be advocates for change.  

Volunteer opportunities

Ready to get to work?  Putting on a conference is no joke - and we need your help to make it happen!  You will choose your shifts and enjoy the conference while you're not helping us make magic.  Enjoy VIP benefits, while you hang with the speakers, sponsors and Dream Team behind-the-scenes.  


Our goal in 2018 is to impact more girls & women than ever before.  We're gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign with stellar rewards via iFund Women.  We're stoked because this platform is exclusively for women-led startups and small businesses (that's us!)  Sign-up here to be notified when it launches!