Made with Love: An Interview with Beth Lyon of Provision Kitchen OKC



When I got the opportunity to interview Beth Lyon, executive chef at Oklahoma City’s own Provision Kitchen, I was blown away—not only by her passion for what she does, but by just how much she embodies the Confidence Con mission to uplift and empower women everywhere.

A Peek Behind the Kitchen Door

Menu board at Provision Kitchen

Menu board at Provision Kitchen

In case you’re not from the area, Provision Kitchen is a carryout restaurant that provides nutritious pre-packaged meals for portion control and convenience. All of their ingredients are fresh and locally-sourced from their own farm, just 7 miles away from the restaurant itself. Their mission is to provide whole and healthful meals to the Oklahoma City community—meals that nurture as well as nourish.

Healthy Snacks from Provision Kitchen

Healthy Snacks from Provision Kitchen

“I think it’s so important in this day and age to know where your food comes from, how are you eating, how are you feeling when you eat,” Beth tells me. "It’s not just cooking, it’s an entire way of life.”

Beth Lyon knows the power of a mindful lifestyle better than anyone. A chef, wife, and mother of two, Beth is changing kitchen culture one meditation at a time. “My sous-chef and I are yogis and we practice yoga every single day when we prepare food for people,” she says. “This is a whole different approach.”

From working as a carhop at Coit's Root Beer Drive-In to studying under Kurt Fleischfresser at The Coach House, Beth has experienced just about every facet of the restaurant industry. However, not all of it has been as blissful as her work at Provision Kitchen.

Beth describes how, when working a previous job, she would sit in her car and cry before her shift knowing the high-pressure atmosphere she was about to face. “I would be driving down the street thinking, ‘If I could just get in a car wreck, I could take a break,’” she says. But this low point helped her discover her saving grace: self-love.

The Beauty of Loving Yourself

“As a mom, you don’t just get to go home after work and sit down and watch whatever you want and take a long bath,” she says. “There’s a time that as women, we have to stop and say, ‘No, this is where I fill my cup.’ I’m going to yoga, I’m going to meditate in this space and really have some self-love and self-care.”

When she was approached by Whitney McClendon with the opportunity to work at Provision Kitchen, Beth knew she wanted to create this type of nurturing atmosphere for her own employees. “I call myself a lightcaster and that’s what I want to do: just shed light on all the darkness,” she says.

Beth maintains that it’s necessary for every woman to do what she needs to do in order to care for herself. “You have to fill your void because no one’s going to do that,” she says. “The step to changing your environment and changing your situation is to change yourself and starting to love yourself.”

Her own self-love shines through in the way she empowers and uplifts others. “My drive is to show up every day and just raise the vibration,” she tells me. “Raise your vibration and you will lift up the people around you.”

Judging by Provision Kitchen’s success, I’d say she’s doing just that.


Anna Wickham, author

Anna Wickham, author

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