Calling all college-aged gals! Are you looking for an dope internship?
Confidence Con is on the hunt for fall 2018 interns.


Myranda Bahr

"Interning for Confidence Con has taught me so much more beyond what I expected to gain from this gig. I have the opportunity to utilize & hone the skills I’ve learned from school in a creatively empowering way. What really makes it, though, is how true they are to their mission as a conference— they’ve created a space where you & your ideas are valued, appreciated, & encouraged at work. Plus, all the boppin’ you end up doin’ to Cardi B’s not so bad either!"


Katy Ronck

"Through my Confidence Con internship, I was able to apply the skills I have learned as a communications student and elevate them. ConCon does not work like a typical 9-5 office. With non-stop coffee brewing, rap music playing and the spirit of collaboration over competition - it never felt like work. Every day, I was encouraged to share my thoughts and ideas. Working at ConCon has completely opened my mind and shown me how to bring out the best in all women."