We are here to impact the lives of women
all over the world. Because when we work
together, we are stronger. 


We have the power to spark a global conversation and understanding about how
we can greater serve ourselves and the women around us. 

Our primary focus is on self-love and mindful practices that allow us to truly
emerge into our own lives. Ultimately providing us with the vitality & 
energy needed to create what we desire without guilt or shame. Living our
lives with passion, power, joy, confidence, and love.



What to expect:

  • A safe place to be vulnerable & ask for advice
  • Meet women from all over who are here to uplift
  • Diverse backgrounds, ages, religions and beliefs with one common thread: womanhood
  • Tips on how to tap into your purpose, your truth and your community
  • Constant growth and education
  • A whole lotta #beyourself talk
  • Year round fun and laughs 
  • An inside peek at Confidence Con changes and happenings